Desperate to break free of the boundaries set by the KRA’s & JDs set by others, all 3 of us –V, D & H decided to leave our jobs at once. During middle of our careers we decided to instead start minding our own business.

What next? What will satisfy us? It wasn’t an idea but a need for the society we live in, our country –INDIA.

We realised that while our previous generations fought the menaces of bacteria and viruses to save us from infectious diseases, most of them at our home are fighting with chemically originated diseases(mostly not curable) like cancers, allergies, hormonal disorders, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, asthma, lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and other ailments. Since second half of 90’s our countrymen have been bombarded with loads of synthetic chemicals be it as fertilisers & insecticides at farms, environmental pollutants or simply personal care products and household cleaners.

Our own traditional values focused on natural methods have today become premium for us! Thanks to the dangerous cheaper chemical alternatives and exorbitant marketing spends.

We believe that we Indians much quickly have today realised the value of our own traditional systems and are fast moving back to the basics. Our current and future product lines would focus on aligning modern day advancements on safe & natural ingredients to our own traditional literatures and knowledge base.

Safe by nature


We value health & safety of all the living beings.


We believe in honesty as the best policy. We are always transparent with all our customers, vendors & suppliers.


Education is a process that continues till you live! We keep upgrading ourselves, those surround us and our products as well.


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